VOTICK The Opinions Engine offers turnkey solutions to acquire the opinion of your customers whether via SMS, QR codes, Internet link or Embed code.

The permanent evaluation of the satisfaction of your customers with the use of your services / products / events during or after use is today a main asset to keep a long-term relationship. Whether for vehicle rental, delivery service of your products, the speed of your after-sales service, reception in your office or airport hall, the evaluation of a training course or any simply the level of satisfaction of your subscribers, never forget that:

“To regain the trust of a lost customer, your investment will be double or triple than the effort you have made to acquire it.”

It is therefore essential to measure this through simple and permanent evaluation surveys (5 questions max.). The technological tools available to you each have their function, so the SMS will be very practical for an immediate follow-up in an operational chain (reception of goods or vehicles, receipt of payments, …); the QR code and the direct internet link will allow visibility and instant access to your inquiry via print or any other screen support; the embed code will allow you to place your survey in a jiffy on your web page or in a system of sending e-mail.

The results are available on an Excel file where you can refine the readability and create relevant graphics for your publications.

VOTICK offers efficient technology via a monthly contract of 39 € / month (VAT excluded) or one-shot 50 € for 1 month (VAT excluded) for your permanent surveys. In addition our helpdesk remains available for any questions or implementation of your project.

In conclusion: Everywhere and all the time, reach and collect the information of your customers, prospects, visitors, suppliers, and this by placing your satisfaction survey via the QR code and the internet link on all your media (print and digital).

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