Download the plugin

.zip file (1.28 Mio)

What is this extension?
Are you familiar with PowerPoint you use for each of your presentations? So, it’s now really easy to incorporate your questions in your presentation master or create a dedicated one for voting and so will continue to operate with all the functions used by this tool!

Do I have access to this plugin whatever my price plan?

Yes! Except  “Free”, all subscriptions available  allow to do it . Just download the application and install it on your local computer ( Microsoft Office  2010 /13 already installed ) and launch your application as usual.

What is customization degree of a survey created with the expansion?

Thanks to this plugin, activated from a new PowerPoint’s menu tab, you will be connected directly via login to your projects & sessions which will be  displayed as already configured in your Votick manager account . You can even use your own PowerPoint template to present your questions. You create, insert, edit, and save your slides without changing your processes .