Axel-Sacha Timmermans

The Conceptor


“old fashoined”graduated in computer who migrated in the mid 90s to Web applications to the pharmaceutical and events activities, this project manager is a quiz addict, captivated by the news and fascinated by the culture of social networks.

During voting sessions at conferences he was impressed by the economic and communicative potential, but overall provides that the philosophical meaning and dimension of opinion polls (personal or community). He imagines a paradigm which combines with universal technology and ethics, to create a brand new “I like+” in other words a permanent digital senates !

The Marketing & Com specialist

Web & Techno early adopter André de Woot has more than 20 years’ experience as Sales & Communication in various sectors. Enthusiastic with a fine 360° view of markets and client’s needs.

André help you to maximize your Votick project withADWORLD company

Jean-Noël Chamart

The marketeer

Jean-Noël holds a master’s degree in psychology from UCL and is one of the of e-commerce pioneers in Belgium. In 1998 he founded which became later Within a few years, he will turned it into the biggest Belgian Webshop specialized in multimedia products (300,000 customers and 2 million items sold). In 2006, with two partners, he co-founded Venyo which was part of the 13 most innovative startups invited to participate at the prestigious Web 2.0 Summit Launch Pad (San Francisco, Nov. 2006). Jean-Noël was also one of the initiators of BeCommerce, the first Belgian e-commerce federation.
Jean-Noël joined the Votick team to bring his expertise in online sales and e-marketing. His 15 years’ experience as Internet entrepreneur gives him a clear and pragmatic vision highly valued within the team.

Olivier Flock

The Technologist

Software developper at first, Olivier expands his activities with Exatronix in the fields of IT and Electronics since 2010. Enthusiast by new technologies and innovative projects, he condensed all the know-how he could bring to the Votick concept. His contributions mainly concern the telecom and SMS mecanics specificaly developed for the application. His flexibility, technical analysis and ingenious solutions make him a solid foundation for the system.

Greg Bronchart

The Strategist

Gregory holds a Commercial Engineering degree, and is a web/IT expert (strategy, development, project management, social media, e-marketing, e-business, analytics) with more than 15 years of experience in managing small and medium-sized companies (board, strategy, execution).

 Accredited as RENTIC e-business project manager & expert by Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications (AWT) / Région Wallonne and coach for young entrepreneurs & startups (Microsoft Innovation Center – MIC Boostcamp), Gregory has explored with a similar project, all of the potential of the sms communication.

The Votick project allows him to express his ideally complementary skills in the young company.